By: Maureen Blossom

The Star Prince and the quintessential son of Anioma, Hon. Prince Ned Nwoko, today in his Royal home in Idumuje-Ugboko hosted the focus group and non indigenes of Delta State to re-engineer them towards a peaceful and a successful election towards 2019 and to also introduce them into Operation Let’s Return Okowa 2019.

The senior political adviser to his Excellency, the great farmers association, all registered political parties, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, and all government functionaries who came, commended the conveyor of the occasion, a Cerebral, a silent Achiever and a Philanthropist, Hon.Prince Ned Nwoko who for touching many lives through his philanthropy, also describing the administration of the serving Governor to be a promising and a bright one.

They described Governor Ifeanyi Okowa as the capacity Governor, the people’s Governor who has distinguished himself from from every Governors Delta state has produced, the Road Master, The unemployment Master, The Education Master who has been so student friendly and everything Master.

According to one of the speakers today, the non indigenes in Delta State are the first to be recognised, their numbers are enormous, but Hon.Prince Ned Nwoko stated today that there is nothing like non indigenes in Delta State, as far as Delta State is concerned, everybody is an indigene, therefore, the responsibility of the state rest on the head of all of us collectively.

Prince Ned Nwoko expresses his burning desire to assist in returning his brother Okowa in 2019, he promised to support and Mobilise the focus group and non indigenes to join this assignment of returning Okowa.

In his speech also, he made everyone to understand that the assignment of returning the Governor is not done by the Governor alone, he made everyone to know that politics in Nigeria is not about PDP, APC or APGA, it is of the interest of the people and it is his mission to make you understand the essence of governance which is the interest of the people.

Hon. Nwoko promised to put up a structure or a ministry that will make everyone work together as one body, bringing the government close to every homes so that everyone will feel the impact of every governance, and he will fund the project.
He wishes that we can come together and make peace as a man who believes in Equity and fairness.

‘I speak for the masses’ Nwoko said, hold me unto my words, hold me responsible for the things that are supposed to put in place for your interest, if not done.

The Star Prince pleaded to everyone to join hands together and press forward to make sure Governor Okowa is re-elected for the second term to represent our state towards providing services for our interest.

It is the masses that will elect Okowa, not PDP members.

Get your PVC speedily because Okowa is achieving speedily.

As I conclude, we join Prince Ned Nwoko in one voice and say ‘We Want this Administration to Continue’

Maureen Blossom, reporting from Mount Ned Nwoko Tourist Resort Idumuje-Ugboko

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