Victor AD’s ‘wetin we gain’ song contributed to high rate of ritual killings – Nigerian man claims

– A Facebook user identified as Victor AD has suggested that a famous song contributes to the high rate of ritual killings

– He claimed that Victor Ad’s song titles Wetin we Gain has been interpreted wrongly by many young people

– Some Nigerians reacted to his claim, with some saying everyone is responsible for their behavious

Reports claim that such practice is so they can use the items for rituals and other fetish things

In fact, there’s been several cases of young men using girls for rituals. Just recently, a young lady was spotted acting insane after allegedly alighting from an SUV. Many other cases, shared on the internet, has proven that using diabolic means to get money is now rampant in Nigeria.

A lot of people are getting into the fast money lifestyle and innocent people are suffering for it. A Facebook user identified as Emmanuel Kings has claimed that a famous song titled Wetin We Gain has contributed to the high rate of ritual killings in recent times.

His statement suggests that the lyrics of the song drive a ‘get money by all means’ mentality which unfortunately, a lot of young guys are buying into. Although his claim is a stretch and puts the artiste in bad light, there’s no doubt that words are powerful and music can be used as tool to drive and push messages that might be wrong for so many individuals.

Many who have listened to the song Wetin We Gain are familiar with lyrics such as ‘if we no get money, wetin we gain? a line that directly questions the usefulness of existence without money.

Emmanuel however stated that the song is perceived wrongly as it should be inspirational but many have interpreted it in a different way.

Read his post below:

Some Nigerians agreed with the comment stating that, just as the artiste, if one doesn’t drive a luxurious car, then of what use is their life on earth?

Another comment by a certain Emmanuel Damian claimed that an individual has the power to choose what drives them. Even when a song suggests a fast money lifestyle, it doesn’t mena one should result to selfish means to gain it.

Facebook user Emmie Kings agreed that killings are on the rise and asked that God help us all.

A Jamani Threenoni completely disagreed, stating that some movies in the past with heavenly packed money ritual themes didn’t drive killings, why a song do such now.

In all, there’s an acknowledgement that ritual killings are prevalent in the Nigerian society and it can only be as result of a hungry population, with some searching for the wrongest ways to make fast money.

Truly, may God helps us all.

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