It is time for the real and genuine change.

In the most simplistic of perspectives, democracy could simply be defined as government of the people, by the people and for the people. If we go by this dictum in the elections that brought the Muhamadu Buhari administration to power , then why won’t the outgoing APC government now become jittery and intransigent when Nigerians now make it demonstrably clear about their preference on who governs them. As Nigerians prepare for yet another presidential election , it is now becoming apparently clear that the most significant election is that of the presidential election . We are almost certain that the people could be faced with election fatigue at a time like this, especially after protracted campaigns and deceptive Rallies by political parties. However, this is the route to democratic change – it could be slow but at the same time, the most politically and internationally acceptable method to change modern governments, the world over. The outgoing President Buhari and his cohorts will try to present themselves as the people with huge democratic credentials in the country. It will be amazing to see how things will change.
APC made a social contract with the Nigerians in 2015 with lofty promises and ideals about what they are going to offer the country if they win, , the people took them seriously , they won , and eventually offered absolutely nothing when they began to perform very badly. Part of the many promises by APC includes , fighting corruption,no medical tourism ,equal development, improve internal security, improve education, health facilities, water supply, transportation, communication , create food and make roads, and to develop the country’s economy. None of these have been accomplished by the party and their administration. For this time around and for a long time to come, it will be difficult for Nigerians to vote for the outgoing APC. It is inconceivable to comprehend how right and decent minded Nigerians can consider the APC government to be the government of the people. Those supporting APC are mainly those who are hooked up on primitive, tribal and sectional loyalty who in all reality have nothing to offer.
The last three elections conducted in the country , specifically, Oshun, Ekiti and Kwara have been plagued by violence, political threats, wide bare faced intimidation by the ruling APC and their cohorts in their bid to steal their way to power again . Cannot someone let APC know that they have politically passed their sell by date? . All Nigerians asked from president Buhari is free and fair election,rather than making contentious and inflammable statement that could cause violence in the country .
Everyone acknowledges the fact that APC and Buhari have failed and presently they wants to impose themselves on Nigerians ,these APC have squandered the political goodwill of all patriotic Nigerians. Why is it that unsuccessful leaders have a habit of finding their way in politics ? These self centered politicians have hatred and unpatriotic sentiments for Nigeria and this is venomous and deep rooted. What nonsense? Does APC think within their heart of hearts that Nigerians can ill afford the luxury of another failed leader anymore?
It is time for the real and genuine change.

Chris Okobah PhD

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