Photo of actor turned politician Desmond Elliot at the Lagos House of Assembly


By  Akinpelu Oluwafunmilayo Desmond Elliot is one Nollywood actor whose dapper look and swaggy acting has got many rooting for him. When this talented Nigerian filmmaker delved into the world of politics, he also garnered the attention of a lot of his fans.

They were looking to see how his transition would fare. Needless to say, the actor turned politician has not disappointed in any way. He has brought on his A game into this political position as one of the members of the Lagos state House of Assembly. The actor who has been very much involved in the proceedings within the house has taken to sharing lovely photos of himself as he participates in the decision making process performed by the members of the assembly.

In terms of his looks, Desmond Elliot is slaying even while within the enclose of the Lagos state House of Assembly. In a crisp agbada topped with a beautifully crafted cap.

Desmond also took to hinting his many fans who would be wanting to know what the proceeding of the meeting was all about. According to him, the members of the house were deliberating about the new police operation Velvet and just how it will affect the people.

Today at plenary we had a debate on the new Police operation Velvet , and its effect on the people of Lagos.” Desmond has also shown that he is not a back-bencher. In yet another series of photos, the award winning actor and filmmaker can be seen addressing the entire house in a chic looking suit.

In his large frame, he looked every bit like the politician he is. The actor has largely been active in his community where he plays the role of a representative to them. Through his works and deeds, he has very well shown that he is more interested in defending the interests of the youths. His constant association and rendered help to them is evidence of this.


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