In 2018, China is planning an artificial moon to replace street lights in the night come 2020.

In 2018, Dubai plans to create an helium balloon that can take people around Dubai in minutes. To push more reasons for people to come to Dubai.

In 2018, Malaysia has one of the most fascinating scenery in terms of structures and buildings.

In 2018, Rwanda is making $400m from Gorilla tourism alone. That is money realized from people coming to see Gorillas has hit $400m.

In 2018, Ethiopia bought their 100th national aircraft, making them the biggest country with a National carrier.

In 2018, Nigerians are searching for the WAEC certificate of a failed President that has the intention of running a second term.

Prayers didn’t take these other countries to where they are presently. Competent leadership did. Don’t be foolish Nigeria.

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