Please if you read a credible and genuine appeal for help from a Nigerian with health challenge on social media, do not scorn or mock. Try to help the person or persons. Within the past few days, my inbox has been bombarded with heartaches from very sick Nigerians in search of financial aid: from a child in the hospital and on drips, a beautiful girl on dialyses, a woman with breast cancer to men battered by prostate cancer. These people need help. Our governments since 1960 have consistently failed us. They continue to fail us. There is no structured and efficient social welfare and healthcare for dear citizens of Nigeria. In my dear Nigeria, money is health. Imagine a three year old boy denied treatments because his parents are unable to pay N5000. What nation would be so heartless that it’s hospitals refuse patient treatments unless they pay first, where healthcare providers play God and Devil with human lives?.
Every four years, each administration and political party release alarming budgets to run elections and re-election campaigns in a country where it’s populace are not privileged affordable decent healthcare. Nigeria is 58 yrs old. It is certain that in my lifetime, I will never see a Nigeria where it’s citizens, regardless of class, tribe, religion, have access to organized affordable healthcare, where the sick cannot be denied treatments because of their financial status, where social media shall not crowdfund the severely sick, where our government shall privilege us liberty of functional and efficient healthcare system. Until that day, please continue to help the genuinely sick among us. The Governments have abandoned us. They will continue to abandon us.We must not abandon ourselves.

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