I am not Atiku’s fan, but I urge those who have anything against him to dig down and do further investigation to make their arguments concrete and more valid rather than dwelling on fallacious and ferocious public statement against him by Obasanjo who is not better than Atiku.

In my field of practice, we don’t build our arguments or criticism on public statement, it makes one appear stupid and unlearn. If you want to criticize or make any arguments against Atiku, let it be done after meticulous investigation and digging down his history, not by public and unverified political statement by Obasanjo whom he once stood against his third time bid.

Former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, played politics with Atiku’s future political career and I strongly believe it is time to correct it by young Nigerians through careful investigation. All this Obasanjo this and Obasanjo that is invalid and mere ferocious political opinion.

Don’t be a lazy public and political analyst, let your argument be rooted in careful findings and facts.

—–Sir Gabriel Otioma, A Progressive Nigerian.

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