Since Nigeria got her independence from the British in 1960, 58 years later, the Nigerian governments at different levels have tried to develop Nigeria further in various ways but have failed in so many ways! Yes I make bold to say that they have failed because of the level of development we see across the nation today, when compared with our contemporaries, Nigeria is way, way BACKWARD!

The Nigerian governments have failed us many times over especially in the area(s) of infrastructural development and road network.
Or what do you say when our federal road networks have become death traps to Nigerians traveling from one city to the other?

Today, Delta State is one of the states where past governments have failed to improve our roads by building new roads like they ought to have done.

But fortunately for us, today, we have a listening, ordinary people-friendly, caring and humane governor who feels the pains of the ordinary people and he knows that without a good road network, the people will continue to suffer and their sources of livelihood will remain stagnant if they cannot move their goods as freely as possible, this and more progressive, articulated and people friendly reasons are inspiring H. E. Okowa to OPEN UP more EARTH ROADS and TRANSFORM them into BEAUTIFULLY NYLON TARRED ROADS and as we speak, the Okowa led administration has recorded a history-breaking 340 roads which he has constructed in 3 years, yet some Mischievous people say he is building FAKE ROADS!!!!

Instead of APPLAUDING him for changing the status quo and taking Delta to a higher level, they busy themselves with malicious remarks that can only show their bitterness and hatred for Okowa which makes no difference because “the more you hate a hole, the more the hole increases” (African Proverb).

To detractors, Okowa may be building “Fake Roads,” but our roads have become more passable, our towns have become more populated, our cities are becoming decongested because now more successful people are emerging and seeing the need to return home to invest, our children have become happier because recreation centers are opening up more, and they no longer feel like they are lacking much as civilization is returning to our small towns and villages, street lights are popping up everywhere, trade and economic activities are on the rise, people are becoming more in tune with the realities of the Okowa led administration which promised prosperity for all Deltans and he is living up to that.

If after seeing the onward movement of the Okowa led administration and you think he is building “Fake Roads,” I tell you that I prefer that more “Fake Roads” be continued to be built in Delta State by OKOWA till 2023 instead of another leader going abroad to build estates and linking good roads there with our money while our people get nothing, YES as a proud Deltan woman who loves the development which is currently taking place in my state, our state and ONE of Nigeria’s best naturally endowed states, I prefer that more “FAKE ROADS” are built IN OUR VILLAGES AND ACROSS THE RIVERINE AREAS FOR OUR WOMEN TO SUFFER LESS ESPECIALLY DURING LABOUR WHICH HITHERTO MADE THEM DELIVER INSIDE BOATS IN THE MIDDLE OF RAGING RIVERS AND IN THE FACE OF DANGEROUS STORMS WITHOUT THE PRIVILEGE OF TRAINED MEDICAL PERSONNELS BECAUSE THEY COULDN’T ACCESS HOSPITAL CARE DUE TO NO ACCESS ROADS BEFORE NOW and if you think Okowa is building “Fake Roads,” please wait till after 2023 to install a governor that knows how to build original roads in the air because we are fine with the “Fake Roads” His Excellency Senator (Dr) Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa is building on the grounds which most ordinary people like us use, yes we the ordinary people say we like the “Fake” or ordinary roads the ROAD MASTER is building and we will SUPPORT him to build more “Fake Roads” for us till 2023 because we prefer these “Fake Roads” for our LEGS, BICYCLES, MOTORCYCLES, KEKE AND OLD CARS that our former mud and erosion proned roads was damaging which had terrible holes that made them impassable, slippery and scary!

So we STAND UP to say: The ROAD MASTER OKOWA-2023 because we know OKOWA DEY WORK Delta Don BETTER OOO!


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