By Sir Gabriel Otioma

What is neo-colonialism? Neo-colonialism or neo-imperialism is the practice of using capitalism, globalization and cultural imperialism to influence a developing country in lieu of direct military control or “INDIRECT POLITICAL CONTROL”. Source: Wikipedia.

No State in Nigeria is completely free from neocolonialism, indirect control of some self serving individuals and political hegemony of men who operates like occult group, not even almighty Lagos State. Nigeria got her independence in 1960 from the western powers, but has not been freed from the hands of black power and indigenous neocolonial masters.

It breaks my heart completely seeing some persons parading themselves as gods in our political scene. Ignorant voters and partisan politicians are the ones making things difficult for the good and visionary people in our political scene. I don’t see season why any man should be acting as god if not ignorant voters and partisan politics.

I say this, until Nigerians begins to vote base on personality rather than political party, Nigeria will remain in perpetual thick darkness and under the control of modern imperial rulers who sees themselves as gods that must be worshipped by the masses both the educated and illiterates in the country.

Tinubu had problem with former governor of Lagos State, Fashola and now with Ambode, is Lagos State Tinubu’s colony? Lagos state is not Tinubu’s empire and he should not be allowed to run it as the emperor. I personally appeals to Lagosians to stand with Gov. Ambode and support him in any political party he chooses if Tinubu led APC denies him ticket for reelection.

We will not allow interest of one man super-sees the interest of the general public, nobody is God in politics, no matter how the sycophants and ignorant followers makes it appear. Visionary and fearless thinking Nigerians must begin to question any politician who tries to paint his or herself god. Nobody is God and no man should demands to be worshipped by the people.

We are not in stone age, the people must stand to condemn any form of crown colony system. Lagos State is not Tinubu’s property and he should not be allowed to dictate for the people in a democratic system else we will all look stupid and unlearn. Whether you are from Lagos or not, as long as you are a Nigerian, condemn any form of godfatherism and neocolonialism being practiced by the indigenous Nigerians.

Gov Akinwunmi Ambode is the best performing governor in Nigeria today and best governor ever to govern Lagos state, performs better than Tinubu himself as a former governor of the state whose governance empowered motor park boys and public tauts who would bully you with their muscles in Lagos streets and metropolis.

The sanity Mr. Fashola brought to Lagos State which Gov Ambode is building upon demands for continuity and continuum. We must resist any form of imperialism and neocolonial practice threatening our democracy. Say no to crown colony, say no to godfatherism, Lagos state does not belongs to Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

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