Not many other politicians may be considered as favoured as Governor Okowa. When therefore the Governor is found early in church, attentive, humble and dedicated to God’s business, it is not the usually rehearsed and hypocritical piety of the average politician.

Of course, Gov Okowa has by word and deed shown that he understands the place of Divine mercy, intervention and favour in the fleeting life of a mere mortal like him.

Remarkably, even a casual or cursory observation of Gov Okowa’s life and political odyssey will show that no matter the political storm that has ever confronted him, he always emerges a victor.

For a man to rise from the cradle of nothiness to the exalted seat of Governor by Divine Providence, the bad belle of traducers cannot now stop him.

For a man who waded through deadly hurdles in order to become a Senatorial and Gubernatorial aspirant, the current jealousy of envious and unfriendly friends -who have turned enemies overnight just to stab and stop him as usual-cannot summarily put a wedge on his destiny and career.

In all, one major attribute has stood Gov Okowa out. The Governor commendably comprehends that though it is God’s sole prerogative to allocate opportunities and privileges in life, it is however a man’s performance in any given position that serves either as promoter or inhibitor to his next level.

Alongside this understanding, Gov Okowa has gone further to grasp the immutable truth that no performance can ever outwit the quest of seeking to add value to other lives.

These twin truths have remained the Governor’ s driving force and template for service.

Hence, long before ever having the knowledge that he’s going to become Governor, Gov Okowa’s penchant to impact others has been developed and entrenched in him.

Out there is a vast array of indigent but intelligent students who owe their education to the magnanimity of this man who bears the sobriquet of Ekwueme. Talk also about the widows; many cannot in a hurry forget how God has used Dr Ifeanyi Okowa as a bulwark against the perils of hunger and lack both in the past and at present.

So too,when the tireless and amiable Ekwueme deftly packages a SMART Agenda that has won him laurels locally and internationally particularly as an acclaimed ‘ Human Capital Development ‘ expert at the grassroots where most of the underprivileged and deprived are found, he is only being characteristically himself.

I am therefore among them who believe that the current stir in the political space of Delta State will not and cannot submerge the Governor and his political career.

Will Deltans suddenly give up all of Gov Okowa’s potpourri of achievements in order to go for the empty promises of desperate opposition elements with no enviable and identifiable antecedents?

Will a people deny themselves a sure- footed and glorious future only to go for the quicksand on which some imaginary castles in the air as conceptualized by vengeful politicians are built?

Nay, even as God Himself has said in the Scriptures that He will never forget the labour of love of His children, almost all Deltans are themselves also united in the chorus that: one good term certainly deserves another.

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