Nigerian Lawyers are Cheerleading Buhari, as he Delivers his Apologetics to Tyranny!


By Onyemaechi Ogbunwezeh

Adolf Hitler was a sick man. He was not just physically sick; a circumstance which underwrote his addiction to cocaine and opiates. He was also a raving lunatic, who was elected to the German chancellorship through the ballot box, but ended up ripping German democracy asunder; and morphing into a full-blown dictator, that he was all along. He was a tyrannical virus that afflicted a bubonic plague-grade pestilence on German democracy. He shook the foundations of Western civilization, plunged the world into a conflagration that incinerated 50 Million lives, and convoked an abomination that was the Holocaust. That is exactly what a nation gets, when an autocrat, dresses himself in the borrowed robes of a democrat to gain power.

President Muhamadu Buhari, is a sick man. His London junkets testify to that. But he is much more than that. He is really a sick man, mentally and metaphorically. He is an irredeemable autocrat and a toxic pestilence to our democratic experience.

He is also desperate. And his desperation may end up becoming Nigeria‘s Waterloo. He is desperately trying all in his might, to smuggle Nigeria into a dictatorship, once again.

While many Nigerians are slumbering in civic apathy; including those pretentious stewards in the temple of our laws, who call themselves learned men“, and who should be our first line of defense against the wiles of the irredeemable tendency of power to midwife the illusions of omnipotence; this disgruntled neo-dictatorial pretender, has been busy dismantling all the checks and balances to his capricious whims, with a stealth unparalleled in the annals of treachery. And he is gaining steam and speed by the day.

Buhari just delivered a speech to the Nigerian Bar Association. He went there to shamelessly and ignorantly proclaim like an emperor drunk on power, that the Rule of Law is not Supreme.


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