Part One.

EA Uzumnism.

Often times a lot of People find it very difficult to place issues in perspective especially in interesting times like where we are in today’s Nigeria. Research has shown it’s due to political partisanship, supposed respect for political leadership, fear of the unknown or complacency.

Fortunately a sizeable audience is out of that realm of mediocrity in doing what is expected of an individual in trying times.

Echoes of His Excellency former governor (Delta State) Emmanuel Uduaghan’s defection has been trickling in before now and my take is that there’s hardly a rumor without an element of truth in Nigeria. It’s a matter of time. He has a right to belong wherever he wants to. His freedom of association has the needed elasticity as enshrined in our Constitution. Painfully, I must as well state that idealism is dead and buried in our democracy.

Emmanuel Uduaghan’s name cannot be taken out of the leaders of modern Nigeria and Delta because in all fairness he had an opportunity to serve and he served. How well he served is left for Deltans to judge. From the administration of HE Chief James Ibori he served in very critical positions, making and implementing policies. At the twilight of that administration he was the defacto Governor though in the capacity of an SSG. I am sure most if us were witnesses to history on what happened at Ogwashi Ukwu where sacrifices were made for him to serve as Governor.

Gov Uduaghan served as Governor for two terms in 8yrs. He served with Federal might on his side, he served unsupervised, he served in oil boom, he served with super support from his superiors and subordinates. The Party PDP stood with him.

There were issues within and outside the party but were resolved in the collective interest of all.

Let us agree without conceding that he is being marginalized, discriminated upon, probed and hounded. The above never happened and this gave rose to three questions that are calling for answers.

1. What can Uduaghan not sacrifice in the interest of a Party that gave him the opportunity to immortalise his name forever?
2. What is the legacy and ideology behind this shameful conduct within 48months outside Govt. house?
3. Does he understand that his defection has corroborated all words, actions, insinuations and print in bold that he was never a leader rather an opportunist?
Personally, this action calls for sober reflection. The worry within sane section of our polity is the negative legacy of desperation, wickedness, unforgiving spirit, envy and crass irresponsibility on the part of leadership.

Physically and spiritually Gov Okowa will triumph over the arms of men. Take this to the Bank.

I will not go the Oshiomhole way spewing lies of not loosing sleep rather I maintain that much as his exit is a pain and great loss, it’s better that he exited so our Party will better appreciate contributory and collective leadership than moles or wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Watch out for part II.


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