KARIFEST CEO CELEBRATES Sir Alex Onyeagwu, A KIND HEARTED And SELFLESS LEADER As Friends And Family Gather To Praise God With Him For Adding Another Year!

He greets you with a warm smile and eyes beaming with a spark and glint of friendliness, when you meet him. I describe him as Friendly, humble and calm. When you meet him in a gathering, you can spot him out easily due to his humane nature which makes him Shine in the crowd.

Mr Alex Onyeagwu, COO, Hartford Nig Ltd/President, Prime League of Nigeria is the man described above. A PHILANTHROPIST to the core which has earned him the trust and admiration of so many people especially Members of his ethnic group and a club which he is president of; PRIME LEAGUE OF NIGERIA, having the current governor of Delta State, H.E. Sen Dr Arthur Ifeanyi OKOWA as a member. These attributes of his has further endeared him to so many of his friends and club Members seeing to him serving as the longest president of the Prime League Club of Nigeria.

Today friends And family members gathered to celebrate this noble And worthy IKA son as he adds another year. In a show of .love and solidarity, his friends and family took turns to make heart touching comments about his goodness as they Celebrated With him!


His blossom friend, kinsman and PRIME League club Member Sir Tony Obuh while celebrating him wrote on his facebook wall:

“Mr Alex Onyeagwu, COO, Hartford Nig Ltd/President, Prime League of Nigeria marks his birthday with Thanksgiving to God in company of friends and family members. We wish him God’s endless blessings and good health as he ages in style and grace IJN!”


As someone I have known over the years, Sir Alex Onyeagwu is one man with a heart of gold and an uncommon commitment to carrying out acts of kindness even to strangers.

On behalf of the KARIFEST GROUP, I wish him graceful aging in style, health and prosperity.






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