A LESSON From Money Notes: Rumpled Or Mint? – Kelvin Ogazi



As I was in the village for the Yuletide, one of my old uncles told me to do Christmas for him.
I brought out a new 500 naira note (mint) and an old rumpled 1000 naira note and the following conversation ensued between us:
ME: uncle I want to give you this 1000 naira but it is old, please manage this new 500 naira;
UNCLE: *laughing sarcastically* my son give me the old money since am old it will fit me…

The above scenario may seem funny but it underscores a deep lesson.
The old man above clearly knew that although the 1000 naira is rumpled and old, it has not lost its value which is twice the value of that new, beautiful, handsome and fine 500 naira note.
So many people may have made some new year resolutions but I tell you this; if your new year resolutions cannot add or increase your value or market worth then you need to reconsider them.

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, but amongst all the people doing the same thing you do what makes you stand out is your VALUE.

It is not about your net worth or the amount you have but rather it is how you relate and impact in the life of your fellow human beings which makes them Value you.

This 2018 is another opportunity for all of us to review our lives and flush out those negative behaviours that reduce our value and embrace positive behaviours that increase our values.

Any little effort you put towards adding meaning and value to the lives of others conversely makes you valuable and indispensable in their lives…
Friends whatever you do and whatever situation you find yourself, do not loose your value because that is your acceptance ticket.
Have A Wonderful 2018.

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