NIGERIANS Deserve A FUTURE Out Of The Shackles Of Libya – Smart Ajaja Madu


It’s HEARTBREAKING to imagine the kind of pain and ill treatment African immigrants are facing in search of greener pastures!

With Nigerians being majority in number, one begins to imagine why such brutality against fellow Africans!

A concerned Nigerian living in the USA has taken it upon himself to condemn this grievous act of inhumanity again humans in what he calls “shackles of Libya” and has called on the Nigerian Government to send a rescue mission to redeem those they can locate.

Hear him out below;

“Honestly, why should I be silent because it is politically incorrect as an aspirant to be speaking every time on issues including those hurting young Nigerians and the future of Nigeria?
Any of these boys in shackles could be my son……..

Nigerian youths deserve a future out of the shackles of Libya in the hands of racist and inhumane Arabs on an evonomically manipulated consensual slavery voyage to Europe where they are placed in concentration camps and subjected to subhuman living conditions because of the harsh economic realities at home in Nigeria following the heartless looting of her economy and future by the elitist locusts in her monumentally corrupt political class.
I wonder why nobody is raising a motion for an organized and a well coordinated Federal Government intervention on the floor of the Senate and House of Representatives that’s populated by mostly insensitive men and women.

I call on President Muhamadu Buhari to rise to the occasion by mobilizing troops from the west African subregion to free indigenous Africans that are now being bought, sold and murdered by the Arabs in Libya without further delay”.

We hope that President Muhammadu BUHARI Will act on this clarion call immediately!


Smart Ajaja Madu


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