TITHE: We Are Tired of Your Negativity, Former Mr Nigeria (Emmanuel Ikubese) Tells Freeze

Nollywood thespian and one time Mr Nigeria, Emmanuel Ikubese, has reacted to the opinion expressed continuously by OAP Freeze on paying tithes. The actor shared some clips on his Instagram page, @emmanuelikubese, this morning, condemning Freeze for being negative and insisting that Pastors are enriching themselves through tithe paid by their church members. He advised […]

TITHE: Triple MG Boss, Ubi Franklin VS OAP Daddy Freeze; Who’s Talking Rubbish and Who Isn’t?

The spectacle began last week when Triple MG boss, Ubi Franklin posted on his Instagram page that tithing is for matured believers, obviously making mockery of DaddyFreeze’s Teachings. Ubi also made a statement on LITV’s ‘The Report Card’ show indicating that Freeze’s opinion on tithing was garbage. Ubi, who was a guest on the show, […]

VIDEO: Egyptian Lawyer Sparks Outrage, Says It is a “National Duty” to Rape Women Who Wear Revealing Clothing

An Egyptian lawyer has sparked outrage, and he shared his belief, that women who who apparels that expose their body should be raped. Nabih al-Wahsh was speaking during a current affairs talk show, “Infrad”, in Egypt hosted by Saeid Hasaseen. The seemingly deranged legal practitioner stated that it was a “National duty” to rape women […]

TRAGEDY: A Bright Light Snuffed Out; Doctors Let Him Die Because He had No “Police Report”

The next time Nigerian Doctors think of going on strike for a “noble cause” they should, as a matter of conscience, and basic human decency, consider protesting against the demand for “police report” as a condition precedent to treating gunshot victims. According to a Facebook page named African Health Development Initiative, the young pictured in […]

Please, Simply Address Me As SFG, Don’t Call Me “Your Excellency”- Boss Mustapha

The new Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Boss Mustapha, has labelled the use of various titles like‘Executive Governor’, ‘Your Excellency’ in Nigeria as unconstitutional. Boss also expressed his desire to be addressed only as ‘The SGF’ without the prefix of ‘Your Excellency’. He made his position on such appellations know yesterday while […]