Mr. Ogaza and his friend Mr. Gana have been long time best of friends, everyone in the village knew them. Ogaza loved his friend more than his family members and had no regard for them. one faithful evening, Ogaza visited his friend and saw the way his friend love and regard his own family. He felt guilty for not loving his family and decided to test his friend and family to see who love him the most and who deserve his love.
A dangerous animal was attacking the village and eating all their livestock. This became a big problem to the king, he was tired of all the complains and desperately wanted to kill the animal by all means but failed. The king promised the villagers that anyone who could kill that dangerous animal will be given 20% of the kings treasure and his family will be given a place to stay in the palace.

One Saturday morning, Mr. ogaza went for hunting and accidentally shot another hunter. He ran toward the man in an attempt to take him to the hospital but found him already dead. Ogaza was very scared of what the society will do to him when they find out he had killed someone, so he cut some leaves to cover the dead man and then ran straight to his friend. On reaching there, he explained all that had happened to his friend and asked for a solution. His friend followed him to where he had covered the dead man . on seeing the dead man covered with leaves, Gana told his friend not to ever come to his house again because he could not be seen with a killer and then ran away.
Mr. Ogaza was confused and did not know what to do, the only choice he had was go to his family and ask for help. He told his family all what he has done, after listening to him, they decided to bury the man in the bush. Ogaza was very surprised at their reaction not to abandon him like his best friend did. With tears in his eyes, he knelt down and asked his family to forgive him for not loving and respecting them. The family forgave Ogaza and followed him to see the man he had killed. On reaching there, they removed the leaves from the dead man to see if they could recognize him. When they saw the corpse, their mouth fell to the ground in shock as they saw the dangerous animal lying lifeless on the ground.
Mr. Ogaza explained to them that he had killed the animal and covered it with leaves in other to find out who loves him and who deserve his love. The family was relieved and happy to know that their brother had not killed a man but the dangerous animal. They took the animal to the king, on seeing this, the king was very happy and fulfilled his promise to Ogaza. When Gana had all that had happen, he ran to Ogaza and asked for forgiveness explaining that when he saw the dead man(animal) covered in leaves, he was very scared and that was why he ran away. Ogaza with a kind heart forgave him but their friendship was never like before again. He realized that friends will come and go but family will remain, family will always be family whether good or bad , they will always be by your side.

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