As ethnic lords from the North, East, West and South continue in efforts to trigger a second civil war, international military hardware merchants who brainwashed the foreign based agitators to employ an uncompromising attitude are instigating and preparing to sell their arms while we get our parents, wives and children ready to pay the bitter prices.

The gullible ones believe war is the answer and provoking same by their words and actions each passing day, the unwise ones are so selfish and inconsiderate, refusing to caution their people, thinking that their families or any part of the country will be immune to the consequences of a possible 2017 civil war simply because they didn’t participate in the agitation.

Perhaps, many do not know that the Civil War didn’t extend beyond Ore to the West and didn’t exceed Benue to the North. At the very end, both gladiators (Gowon & Ojukwu) lived because they never set foot upon the battlefield of the wars they ignited but over three million innocent women, children and elderly died unnecessarily. Meanwhile, all the crooks travelled to safe areas with their families just as would repeat should another civil war breakout. Niger Delta militant generals are all alive but over 60% of their boys are dead, Al Zakzarki is alive but hundreds of his gullible followers are dead.

As you continue to conjure the next civil war, call for a town hall meeting in your respective communities and prepare the minds of your aged parents for a violent death, counsel your wives and daughters of the emotional trauma that incessant rapes would create because surely over 30% shall be raped in just 6mths of chaos. Also, make plans because most of your children shall become orphans and child soldiers and those who survive shall end up in REFUGEE Camps in Niger, Chad, Benin Republic and Cameroon.

The last Civil war was ignited on a conference table and was also resolved on a conference table, wouldn’t it be wiser to have avoided the war in between. We must not continue in silence until our loved ones become the collateral damage. Copied, share for enlightenment.

5 thoughts on “DRUMBEATS OF WAR SOUNDING LOUDER BY THE DAY? Nigerians Caution Please…”

  1. This message is meant for Kanu. The legitimate way to agitate in democracy is called ballot box. The crude method of having his army is an invitation to anarchy.

  2. KANU should stop wasting the lives of innocent and naive tribesmen. If he is interested in liberating his people, then he should come out and face the soldiers.

  3. Why will only one person who family are not here in this country be disturbing the peace of the country and we that we don’t know ourselves will be doin what is not good to the country in the name of we need our own country what your grandfather could not get your father did not make it why will come to tell yourself that you can make it work KANU why killing our youth of tomorrow in the name of so called your country that you want stop killing innocent people WERE are your own FAMILY kanu???? May our gud God forgive you your sins

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