BREAKING: Nigeria At The Verge Of Making AUTO-TECH History As Innoson Vehicles Releases Luxury IVM G80 and G40 SUV

TECH – Innoson Motors is at it again with its innovative giant strides and ground breaking achievements as it make history with its new collection of SUV which is set to hit the market! Who says Nigeria cannot join the world in producing luxury cars? Innoson Motors is here to prove such people WRONG because […]

Nigerians Soon to Get 14 Days to Roll Over Unused Data Upon Expiration of Subscription – NCC

In a statement by its Vice Chairman, Umar Danbatta, The Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, has said that it is ready to issue directives to ensure that telecommunications operators give 14 days’ window to subscribers to enable them roll-over their unused data. Mr Danbatta disclosed this, on Wednesday, in Lagos, at the just concluded 2017 Lagos […]

BEAST MODE: Intel Launches 8th Gen Processors

Intel has just launched the latest series of its 8th generation Core processors. The CPUs, designed for use in desktop PCs, are fast and relatively affordable — and they’re probably going to leave you very confused. The biggest change between 7th-gen and 8th-gen processors is core count. There’s been a 50% increase in the number […]

8 Guaranteed Tips to Minimise Radiation When You Use Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phones release low radiofrequency energy which is a form of non-ionizing radiation. The frequent exposure of the body to this forces it to absorb the energy which can lead to serious health issues. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) has labelled mobile phones radiation as possibly carcinogenic to humans. Accordingly, Jumia Travel, gives ways […]

Five Ways Social Media Weakens Self-esteem

Studies show that two-thirds of people find it hard to relax or even sleep after spending time on social media. Why do you let yourself feel stressed, anxious or have negative thoughts after using social media?   Why let social media affect your self-worth? Perhaps, it’s time for a self-evaluation and possibly a social media […]