Political Power Is Transient But Good And Positive Impact Leadership Builds Legacies That Attracts And Bestows Lasting Power.

When you have political power, impact positively to build lasting legacies that will outlive your political power. Being self serving when you have political power is a snare that will entrap you later when you no longer have grasp of such power. In other words, when you have privilege of service, use your power judiciously, […]

DEAR NIGERIAN YOUTHS: “I Am A Skilled Graduate Because I Learnt A Skill. Go And Learn A Skill To Equip Yourself For The Future!” – KARIFEST CEO.

To the Glory of God, I’m a trained Lawyer, I run my media & Consultancy Firm, and as a Media Executive with employees I pay salaries monthly ASIDES other things I do, I went further to equip myself because I don’t ever want to go without food even at a future date when I’m too […]

KARIFEST CEO TO HATERS: I Won’t GROW If I Keep Doing Only What You Like, Approve Of Or Want To Hear. I’m Cool Being In Your Bad Books. YOUR CRITICISMS AND “BAD BELLE” KEEPS ME GOING STRONGER!

Are you surprised to hear this? Please don’t be. there are so many haters around now who just hates you for nothing especially when you don’t support them politically. So this message is for those who just hate for no reason. My words to them: Get up and get busy than hating and backbiting and […]

Mugabe’s Words We Should Never Forget, No 8 Will Interest You!

Girls’ legs are like rumours.. They spread any how! –Robert Mugabe 2. Ladies are powerful, they can introduce two boyfriends at the same time. They will say: “My Love, meet My Sweet heart.” And the two idiots will say “Bossu, how far?” -Robert Mugabe 3. Some of you girls can’t even jog for 5minutes but […]

“How To Be A Communications Strategist With Objectivity And Achieve Better Results.”- KARIFEST CEO.

In Strategic Communications, it is good to use compound word(s)where necessary that conveys succinctly when it is intended to cover a large scope of expression. THAT is to say, when you are passing information across to mean several things, to confuse or convince, use a word that can be interpreted to have different variables and […]

“We Must Begin To Campaign AGAINST Incompetence In Governance Across Boards Doing So Without Sentiments….”- KARIFEST CEO.

We Must Begin To Campaign AGAINST Incompetence In Governance Across Boards Doing So Without Sentiments or with an intention to ridicule, malign or hurt our leaders or the opposition! We must learn to be persuasive WATCHDOGS in governance for the collective benefit of the society and humanity in general, for only then can we hold […]

“We Need Fiercely Progressive Youths In Anioma, Delta And Nigeria.” – KARIFEST CEO.

It is sad to note THAT, not many of our youths have the mind, positivism and disposition of being real. Most live in self denial and have become delusional. Anioma youths, Delta youths, the Nigerian youth and our youths generally need a sense of direction and positive leadership. Unfortunately, none exists in most places today […]

To Change Your World, You Must Start Small – ODITA Of Guardian Newspaper…Holds 3rd Edition Of Back To School Charity Event For Orphans In Anioma.

It was so beautiful to see the joy on the faces of those children, orphans and under privileged kids as they received their gifts from the host of the programme, Mr Sunday Odita who through his goodwill started this Back To School Event 3 years ago. It has remained a yearly event since then. Part […]

The Fear Of What People Will Say Is One Of The Greatest Fears Limiting Me…

It is normal to be afraid, to be careful and mindful of what others think of us. So We all have this fear but it varies. While some are enslaved perpetually to the fear of what others think or say about them constantly, others shake it off as it comes. Are you one of those […]