Achieving something extraordinary requires exceeding known limits; it involves molding, motivating and nurturing oneself. You can prime yourself for excellence through deliberate or purposeful practice. Deliberate practice requires hard work. Besides, we like to get creative about reaching our full potential, whether in leadership, performance, education, entrepreneurship or such other endeavors as we might think […]

Prince Abiodun Opanubi: A personal tragedy.

                 By Owei Lakemfa. There are people whose lives may read like fiction. In a world built on material considerations and self-  interest, it is difficult to come across people  who are  not engaged in the rat race, live selfless lives  and are committed  to serving others. Prince Abiodun Afolajimi Opanubi reminds me of such. […]


By Igbekeleoluwa Salawu: A man earns 20, 000 monthly. For no other reason than the fact that he has turned thirty and some in his age bracket are getting married, he begins to thirst for marriage and children. Those around him humour rather than undeceive him. ‘Go on,’ they egg him on. ‘Maybe it is […]

Jude Ndukwe: Garba Shehu, This Is Certainly Not The Change Buhari Promised

  In his recent article titled ‘This is the Change’, presidential spokesperson, Mallam Garba Shehu embarked on an arduous but unsuccessful task of attempting to justify the economic hardship, biting hunger, political retrogression, judicial rascality, executive recklessness, electoral inconclusiveness, etc which have all become the indelible insignia of the Buhari-led administration.   Reading through the […]

A Thought For The Bar And The Bench

By Alade Rotimi-John |   I hope I am correct in believing that only a plural society can effectively or effectually command patriotism, and further that only a society which respects the rights of individuals and minorities can justly be referred to as free or just. But there are consequences which have to be confronted […]