A Woman To Die By Hanging For Killing Neighbour


A 36-year-old woman, Stella Gilbert, has been sentenced to death by Ikeja high court on Tuesday, for stabbing her neighbour to death, Mrs Stella Godwin, during a fight at their residence in Ajegunle, Lagos.

She collapsed on hearing the judge read her sentence, amidst tears from her friends, siblings and well-wishers. The law enforcement agents took her, infact, they carried her as she collapsed in the Court room back to the prison waiting for her execution time.

I am very sure, this woman acted on anger, she is terribly regretting her actions by now. But, who will give her a second chance to live? All dreams, vision and aspirations shattered just because of anger that could have been controlledā€¦ Just imagine her end on earth!! Those of you that have this mindset of lifting weapons for any small misunderstanding, you are just playing with your lifeā€¦

Avoid anger, hot temper, run away from it or else it will destroy you. No decision taken in anger that will not be regretted.


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