Lawmaker assaults and forces woman to walk naked


A councillor in Ibiono Local Government area of Akwa Ibom State, Uduak Godwin Nseobot popularly known as King Pele has been charged to court for allegedly assaulting a woman and forcing her to strip naked in public. The Assault case is before the State High Court in Uyo. And the Lawmaker was arraigned with his wife, Aniedi.

The assaulted woman was reportedly said to be a close friend to the wife of the lawmaker. The couple forced the woman, Iniubong Essien to walk naked in public after accusing her of stealing money sprayed on them during their wedding.

Iniubong was reportedly whisked from her home in Uyo in November 2018 and taken to a village in Ibiono and was forced by the couple to walk naked in the village hall around 10 a.m.

She revealed that she helped the couple in cooking during their wedding but has nothing to do with picking of money when the couple were being sprayed.

According to Iniubong Essien:

“I was beaten and forced to walk stark naked in the village hall, they removed my dress, my bra, and my pant.

People were inside the village hall, I think he (the councillor) may have told them that he was bringing a thief for them to beat, so the whole place was filled with people.

He was mixing charcoal with pepper to rub on my body, but he didn’t rub (it) on me. They tied a rope around my waist and said I must dance naked before the village people.”

The assault case was thereby adjourned to October 14, 2019 for the court to hear the argument on the preliminary objection by the councillor’s lawyer.


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