By Udoka Emmanuel

The (Govinitorial) Gubernatorial Candidate of the All Progressive Congress APC is quite aware he cannot measure weight with the incumbent Governor His Excellency Sen Dr. Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa politically.

The reasons are obvious which I won’t mention now until we are done with the gubernatorial election.

Omo-agege played smart on Ogboru by using him as a wooden bridge to cross over to the other side of the river for his selfish gains.

The real deal is that Omo-agege will be contesting for Delta State governorship position come 2023 and anxiously needed to remain in the Senate to enmasse much money for himself for the real deal.

And Omo-agege know quite well that he cannot win any Delta cental local government if he didn’t bring Ogboru in, hence, during primaries, he went against his party constitutions and outwitted Ochei, Utomi and others because of his evil intention.

Let’s look at the political indices of Delta State.

Delta state have 25 local government areas, 9 local government belongs to the Delta North, Delta Central and South have 8 local government each.

Delta North since the creation of Delta State has never been to Osadebey House as number one citizen until 2015. The central have had Ibru and Ibori who Govern the state in two different occasions.

After Ibori 8years, the South took over and also govern for 8 years before handing over to the North (Okowa).

Equity demands that, if a father gives birth to 3 children, he doesn’t only allow the first and second child enjoy his wealth alone, it goes round and that is what makes him a responsible father.

Now that Ogboru is standing against the law of Equity and justice, what next ?

The eight Delta central local government areas, Sapele, Okpe, Ethiope East and West, Uvwie, udu, Ughelli South and North will vote Okowa. Why? Because they strongly believe that Okowa will hand over to them.

The whole of Delta North 9 local government area is a no go area for Ogboru as people like Ochei, Utomi and Others who were cheated by Omo-agege have no other choice than to vote against their party system because it’s not about Okowa, it’s about the North.

The whole of Delta Central, Isoko South and North, Bomadi, Patani, Burutu, Warri South, warri South West and warri North are all PDP domain.

So Ogboru hallucinatory wish of using federal might to scuttle the wish of the people Is unimaginable and will surr hit the iceberg because, those who are sitting on the the political Havens of Delta State have all endorsed Okowa for second term.

My fellow Deltan, I must be frank with you and I can boldly say this anywhere without mixing words, the forth coming Gubernitorial election is between okowa and okowa..No federal might anywhere!

If Oshiomole actually have the “technical know how” and might to scuttle DELTA STATE elections, he wouldn’t have lost Edo state to PDP in the last Presidential election.

Okowa have performed enough and deserve a second term so you do not need to waste your votes, cast it for okowa and PDP and you will be glad you did.


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