Traditional Ruler Withdraws Mr. Friday Eluro’s Chieftaincy Title

As suggested by the public, the Chieftaincy title of the so called Mr. Friday Eluro who spearheaded the assault on a woman at Agbor, Delta State as “Onye-Wabuada-Son of Owa” has been withdrawn by the traditional authority with immediate effect.

Public notice

I commend this action by the traditional authority, however, we are still appealing to the state government to ensure full justice for the abused woman. Justice must take its course to avoid future occurrences of such inimical conduct against women. It is the duty of the government to fight and defend the defenceless.

We have people who are patiently waiting for what the government would do, if the government could not fight for the abused woman, then, they will take up the case by petitioning both the government and concerned persons.

Please, share this message to reach more people. Thanks!!!

—–Sir Gabriel Otioma, Humane Emperor.

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