Prosperity Is Embedded In Value!

What Do You Have For Sale?

The totality of human behaviour is brought about by nature and nurture. As such whatever characteristics anyone demonstrate has been proven to be inherited or learnt from ones environment.

The 21st century has challenged the above principle to a very large extent as the advent of the ICT has redefined global interaction by bringing the world to the swipe of ones finger. Thanks to technology and people who has pushed beyond boundaries to advance humanity.

Growing up into a society where “impossibility” is the mantra, as the fear of the consequences of failure is the beginning of caution. As such, many people are afraid to try new things and have resorted to crooked means of survival. The consequences has been societal poverty; packaged in “I better pass my neighbour mentality”.

I started debugging my mind of this crap when I realised that no matter the social strata we find ourselves, Mr. A depends on Mr. B for a working society. If the society is not working everyone pays direly for it!

When a teacher’s role at any level is compromised; all of us pay through educated illiterates; graduates who are unemployable. And if we do not address it, building a sound economy is a joke.

The most shocking reality I have discovered as an entrepreneur is the lack of technical expertise for most basic and high end products and services in our local market. The term “Technical Partners” is the order of the day of which most of them are foreigners.

How do one get good jobs as locals without requisite skills?

As one who detest mediocrity in all honesty with high premium on professionalism. I have also seen professionals lacking self discovery. This is also very dangerous as “the man who cannot utilize what he has is not better than the one who has nothing”.

I am tired of seeing us display crude resources and manpower with less value and less earning ability to the world.

I want to see professionals with entrepreneurial clout, testing their wherewithal in creating basic to high end products and services. I want to see Chemists, Pharmacists, Lawyers, Journalists, Engineers, Botanists, Zoologist, Anatomists, Food Technologists, Teachers etc. start companies in their areas of expertise, grow it from idea stage, raise funds in investment, scale its operations and list on stock exchanges.

These are the ways we can create economic prosperity and jobs for the teeming population, restore dignity to our education and create a sane society.

” I better pass my neighbour” is a scam. Election is around the corner and the PVC of the uneducated poor living below 700 Naira a day is equivalent to that of a professor or multimillionaire. You can get yourself what you want as a “big man”, but the voting decision of these people get you your leaders who determine what becomes of your profession or precious investment.

We are all stakeholders in building a better Africa that can sell values!

Are you building?

_*Michael Ozioma*

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