Anioma Women Say No To The Humiliation of one of their Own

Oh! What a shame….
I wept from the depth of my heart at the injustice on a woman….

As I watched, I asked myself “what has she done to deserve such treatment”?
A tiny voice said to me: “Nothing at all on this planet should warrant such , absolutely nothing!”

How can one who is a so called Chief and Aide to the Governor do such to his subject? Does he not know the norms of been a chief and leader?
How can a youth allow themselves to be used like that and raises their hands and battered a woman?

Don’t they have a mother, sister or wife at home?

Or we all have lost our humanity and goes by the saying ” omè onyè osò, odikè shì omè oshishi (when it happens to someone else, it’s like it happened to a tree)?

Oh……. Kwèkè…
Where have we gone wrong?
Nnemmmmmmmooooo, where did such behaviour come from?

Chief Eluro of owa kingdom in Ika South L.G.A. Delta state and his boys, what a shame!

Watching the video with clouded eyes, couldn’t hold back tears as a Mother, a sister, a daughter and a wife was humiliated in such a disdainful manner and acts of wickedness. Truly, the heart of a man is desperately wicked.

People are responding already, the Governor of our state, delta state, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa had sacked him from duty which is good for a start and we won’t rest until justice is brought forth…
“I can’t stop weeping, I don’t know who is the animal that did this terrible thing against womanhood is from…we will make it go viral on social media and get human rights activists involved for this is despicable and inhuman, this must not be accepted ” KARIFEST

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back …

“Anything may happen when womanhood has ceased to be a protected occupation ” Maya Angelou

Anioma Women says No to Humiliation ….

Justice for the humiliated woman is justice for All Women…
We are calling for justice and to put a stop to such atrocities on womanhood….

Anioma Women Arise to this injustice!

~Rotr.Amb.Comr.Princx Sparrow Adaeze
#Ambassador for Gender Studies.

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