Respect Should Be Given To The Government Base On Merit

By: Sir Gabriel Otioma.


SOUND BITE: The problem with the illiterate and ignorant society: they obey the government, serve the government, defend the government, do everything for the government, fears the government and even lay down their lives for the government because the life they are living has been rendered worthless by the same government.

Often time, they tell us to respect Office of the President, but does office of the President have respect for us? Are we getting what we should get from office of the President? What has Office of the President done to make life worth living for us? What has office of the Governors and local government Chairmen done to make life better for the citizens?

Only the dumb ass citizens respect the government that has made life a living hell for them, not the intelligent ones in the society. Respect is earned through your works and care for humanity, not by force and command that will amount to oppression and tyranny.

Patriotism is not standing or defending the selfish and callous politicians in power, but standing with your country in the time of challenges. We are not in challenges, we are being oppressed and neglected by our government. The government is not kind to me, I cannot be kind to unkind government.

Public offices such as President, Governors, local government Chairman and otherwise, comes with responsibility, accept the responsibility that it carries and the office will be respected by the people.

“Respect should be given to the government of a country based on merit, not because of the power that it carries”. —Mark Twain.

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