Femi Fani Kayode Accused Buhari of Islamizing Nigeria


The controversial Femi Kayode has called on Nigerian Christians to reject and vote against Buhari in the Presidential election scheduled to hold February 16th. He described Buhari as religious bigot and asks Nigerian Christians to reject him.


Read below his full message.


If you’re a Christian and you support APC/Buhari, then know it clearly that you have knowingly approved Islamization of Nigeria. Don’t be deceived by Osinbajo as a Christian Vice President. Buhari’s main agenda is Islamization of Nigeria under the watch of Pastor Yemi Osinbajo. Under Buhari Nigeria is suddenly been governed by Islamic heads of almost all Federal Government MDAs, yet we have a Pastor VP who doesn’t see anything wrong with that. Child of God (Christian) wake up from your slumber of IGNORANCE, Turkey was a Christian nation until Othoman like Buhari suddenly became their President/national leader in the 13th century and imposed Islam on them and today Turkey is now an Islamic nation where churches are not allowed. If you vote APC/Buhari, before end of his 2nd term in office, churches will be a taboo in Nigeria and Islam will not only be Nigeria’s official religion, but will be made mandatory. Don’t say it’s not possible, because under Buhari:
President – Muslim
Senate President – Muslim
Ag. CJN – Muslim
Party Chairman – Muslim
Minister of Defence – Muslim
Minister of Interior – Muslim
Minister of Justice – Muslim
Minister of Finance -Muslim
Minister of Information – Muslim
Minister of Works, Power and Housing – Muslim
Minister of Aviation – Muslim
Minister of Communications- Muslim
Minister of Education – Muslim
Minister of Water Resources- Muslim
Minister of Environment- Muslim
Minister of Women Affairs – Muslim
Minister of FCT – Muslim
President of – Court Of Appeal – Muslim
Chief Judge of Federal High Court- Muslim
Chief Judge of FCT High Court- Muslim
Chairman of NJC – Muslim
Secretary of NJC- Muslim
Chief Registrar of Supreme Court – Muslim
Chief Registrar of Court Of Appeal – Muslim
D. G Legal Aid Council – Muslim
Chief of Staff to President – Muslim
Principal Secretary to President – Muslim
Clerk of National Assembly- Muslim
National Security Adviser- Muslim
Chief of Army Staff – Muslim
Chief of Air Staff – Muslim
IGP – Muslim
Commandant General, Civil Defence Corps – Muslim
Comptroller General of Nigerian Customs Service – Muslim
Comptroller General of Nigerian Immigration Service – Muslim
Comptroller General of Nigerian Prison – Muslim
D.G DSS – Muslim
D.G NIA – Muslim
Chairman EFCC – Muslim
Chairman Board of FRSC – Muslim
Chairman NDLEA – Muslim
Director/CEO – NFIU – Muslim
Chairman of INEC – Muslim
GMD NNPC – Muslim
MD/CEO – NPA – Muslim

The list is endless; tell me why Islamization will not be achieved by APC/Buhari?

Pastor Osinbajo can not stop Buhari’s Islamization of Nigeria; in Abuja capital city, a Redeemed female evangelist was murdered in broad daylight by Islamic fundamentalist for preaching Jesus Christ yet Osinbajo didn’t do or say anything to show Buhari and Nigerians that he did not agree with killing of innocent Christians by by Islamic fundamentalists. Buhari negotiated with Boko Haram and released all the Islamic school girls kidnapped by Boko Haram and left Leah Sharibu the only Christian girl with the terrorist group because she is a Christian – up till now Osinbajo has not seen the need for FG to pay the terrorist to release Leah but he is going about distributing billions of money in the name of Tradermoni while Leah Sharibu is still languishing in the hands of the terrorist group for her faith in Pastor Osinbajo’s Lord Jesus Christ. Somebody is deceiving us Christians, truth must be told.

Catholic Bishops were murdered inside Church by fulani herdsmen who have Buhari’s full support, Pastor Osinbajo just merely explained it away in “we will fish out the culprits”. Only recently, a Christian former Chief of Defence Staff was murdered in very very questionable circumstances. How many shall we count?
Esther in the Bible said “If I perish, I perish” for the sake of her God and Israel. Shedrac, Mishak and Abedniggo in the Book of Daniel said to the King “we will not bow to your idol, our God is able to save us, per adventure He didn’t, we are ready to die for Him”. David put his life down when Goliath defied Israel and the God of Israel. Pastor Osinbajo was supposed to be the Esther or Shedrac, Mishak and Abedniggo or David of Nigerian Christians. Unfortunately Pastor Osinbajo is VP for himself and family alone; even RCCG cannot point at any tangible benefit of having Osinbajo as a Member and Provincial Pastor as VP.
When Osinbajo was sworn in as VP, he was asked whether he preferred to be addressed as “Pastor” or “professor” he said he preferred to be addressed as “Professor”, at the expense of his ordination as a Provincial Pastor. Today his campaign posters address him as “Pastor Osinbajo” and not “Professor Osinbajo”. Child of God wake up from your slumber of IGNORANCE; don’t allow Buhari (Satanic agent) use Pastor Osinbajo deceive you the second time. He succeeded in deceiving the Nigerian Christians the first in 2015 because he used Pastor Osinbajo of RCCG otherwise he would have failed the 4th time like he failed the previous times when he hadn’t picked Pastor Osinbajo as VP.

Atiku is not a saint but he is lesser evil than Buhari. Vote for Atiku. The Bible say when the righteous are in Power (Govt) the people rejoice. Buhari claims to be Mr Integrity and has a Senior Pastor as VP; are Nigerians rejoicing now? The Bible cannot be wrong – Buhari/Osinbajo are not the righteous that the Bible talked about. Atiku is a lesser evil than Buhari. If I am wrong, is General T.Y Danjuma also wrong about APC/BUHARI’s Islamization agenda? Christians in middle belt were been killed in thousands every day and Pastor Osinbajo kept mute because of his personal political interest at the detriment of God’s Kingdom; if not President Donald Trump’s warning to Buhari, may be by now they would have wiped out the entire Christians in middle belt and Osinbajo will not say a word because he doesn’t want to offend Buhari. And I repeat” what shall it profit a Pastor if he becomes 2-times VP and may be President, while the Church he is supposed to lead to heaven for the Master is wiped out by agents of the devil who are his close associates?” Be warned: a vote for APC/BUHARI is a vote for Islamization of Nigeria like Turkey; don’t be deceived that Buhari is fighting corruption; nepotism is grand corruption itself and if Buhari is fighting corruption, how come he surrounds himself with Corrupt people (many of them former PDP members like Amaechi, Akpabio etc). Wake up child of God and vote/support Atiku/PDP to stop the Islamization agenda.


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  1. I pity the man call Osinbanjo, For he have more than double judgement on the last day! he will regret and curse the day of his birth in this word, for himself using the church of JESUS CHRIST for his selfish ambition, which he fails to defend. OSINBANJO, YOU MAY BE FOOLING YOUR SELF THAT, GOD IS A FORGIVING GOD AND SO, AFTER YOUR SATAN ALLIANCES WITH AGENTS OF HELL THAT ARE BENT ON THEIR EVIL PLOTS TO EXTERMINATE THE CHURCH OF GOD IN NIGERIA,THEN YOU WILL TURN TO HIM FOR PARDON. Here ye me now, you may discard all of these as mere political talks, but the facts are clear there, even to the undiscerning. Conclusion, even if, your lord and god BUHARI/APC eventually have their way through manipulation to the throne, HELP WILL COME OUR WAY FROM DIFFERENT ANGLE, AND SHOULD NOT THINK YOU AND YOUR HOUSEHOLD WILLBE PRESERVED. Esther.4:13–14.
    As for buhari and his cohorts, they are to be seriously pitied, for should they try it, they will know that GOD RULES IN THE AFFAIRS OF MEN! Since they refused to learn from the Biblical accounts of what PHAROD and his foot armies became of their evil plots against the ISREALITES. NO GENEUINE CHRISTIAN IS AFRAID OF THIS HELLISH AGENDA, EXCEPT YOU DONT KNOW THE GOD YOU CLAIMED TO BE SERVING!

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