If Great Ogboru has wanted to be governor, he should have come from Delta North.

I am surprised and disappointed that some Delta Northerners are rooting for someone from Delta central .
When Delta State Became a state , the first civilian Governor was Felix Ibru , unfortunately the military came back and jolted the smooth transition.
In 1999 , we returned to another face of our transition, this time His Excellency James Ibori became the governor and he governed for eight years after which the seat of government was transferred to Delta South.
Dr Emmanuel Oduagha became the governor of Delta state for eight.
Now it is the turn of Delta North to go for a second four, as that is only equitable fair and just , those out of selfish shameless argument are clamouring for power to return to Delta Central are only doing this out of selfish and personal gains which does not last long.
Imagine that one day your brother enters your house and take your wife , your house and your properties because he is richer and more powerful .
We all own this state equally and as such are entitled to occupy the position of governorship after each other and not restricting it to one or two senatorial zones .
I once again ask this question , why did APC not consider any aspirant from Delta North , or we Delta Northerners are not qualified to be governor, may be , because Okowa inadvertently became governor , it was not designed to be.
You that is not interested , don’t cry when injustice knocks at your door .
Chris Okobah PhD

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