Man threatens to end 4yr marriage after discovering sex toy from his wife

By Sir Gabriel Otioma, LAGOS.

Marriage is indeed full of surprises, ups and downs. In marriage, we discover the unusuals, it could be positive or negative, but above all, marriage is a beautiful and a call we must all answer since loneliness is evil and terror to mankind.

Man 42yr, Mr. Joseph Olodi has threatens to end 4yrs marriage after discovering sex toy from his wife’s luggage. According to Joseph, we got married in 2015, after 2yrs of relationship and it was all good without suspicious or negative records, but discovering sex toy from my wife’s luggage is something I don’t understand even as I’m yet to recover from the rude shock.

Sex toy in luggage

Mr. Joseph, however, claims to be energetic and always satisfy his wife sexually as a man, and also said the wife has never complained of not being satisfied each time they make love, but having sex toy in her luggage beats his imagination.

Every effort to calm Joseph down by his neighbors was proved abortive as he said to have got his mind made up on ending the 4yr marriage with 3yrs old boy child.

At the time of filing this news, his wife, Matilda Olodi, 32yr has refused to make a statement as what led to her having sex toy. Mr. Joseph has promised to inform his lawyer and take the matter before customary court.

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