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There is no gain saying that the current situation faced by Nigerians under the APC led administration has indeed brought hardship, hunger and suffering to people occasioned by the poor economy emanating from their negative change aimed at sending many Nigerians to early grave.

This ugly situation is not limited to individuals alone as private and public organizations had their bitter share of the situation, which have negatively impacted or resulted in a downturn in their businesses.

You will recall that in the just concluded year, goods worth billions of Naira were left unsold as obtained from business report and witness by many Nigerians because of the level of poverty and hardship the APC government has brought upon Nigeria and Nigerians.

The APC is a party with men of propaganda with no vision for Nigerians as they seem confused with d euphoria of the Presidential victory in,2015.

Reminding the people of Ika North East Local Government Area and Nigerians in General of the consequences and likelihood of damage that will be done by poverty and bad governance in Nigerians, if the APC returns for a scond term, the chairman of the PDP campaign team of Ika North East Local Dr. Festus Okubor, pointed out that the APC government are good in promoting the killing of innocent Nigerians in cold blood, demeaning the good qualities of hardworking Nigeria youths by name calling them with laziness, apportioning of blame to opposition parties for their(APC) poor economy management and low leadership sensational abilities .
He also,listed amongst other things the number of Nigerians rendered jobless, dislodge from their works, how Nigeria have now become a first class poverty country and the high level of incompetency that erode the mental structure of the cabals. Therefore, all hands must be on deck in salvaging the situations in Nigeria with all Nigerians voting into power the candidates of PDP from the presidency, gubernatorial, Senate, House of Reps and House of Assembly.
More so,any one who have chosen to continue in taking the APC greedy and Heartless Government serious is an enemy of better Nigeria.

He encouraged all to remain dutifully committed in preaching the gospel of getting Nigeria working again with SMART TEAM candidate of the PDP across board for improve living standard and robust economy of our dear country.

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