Smart Ajaja condemns NAFDAC poor service

By Sir Gabriel Otioma,

Mr. Smart Ajaja, Delta north senatorial candidate under the platform of African Action Congress has strongly condemned the ill service of NAFDAC. Today, he took to his Facebook page to criticize the delay in clearing the items which he brought from United States to assist the suffering and neglected Nigerians who have no access to sound medical care.

However, he also called on Anioma and Nigeria at large to embrace genuine change by voting for capable men who will change the course of history and serve the people selflessly rather electing questionable characters who have ran the country aground, and men with no 21st century leadership skills.

Will Anioma and Nigerian electorates respond to his call for open Nigeria? No doubt, his political ideology seems to be very rare and uncommon, while some believes Nigeria is not yet strong enough to accept his kind of political principle and ideas, but when will Nigeria be strong to accept positive and genuine change if not now?

Read his statement below:

“I can’t believe that I have spent a whole week in Lagos burning money on hotel bills and food, and wasting precious campaign time waiting for NAFDAC to clear items that I brought to assist suffering Nigerians with absolutely no access to medical care.

Mr. Smart Ajaja, AAC candidate, Delta North senatorial district.

What a country where bad people import narcotics and fake drugs that kill Nigerians from China and India without problems, but the efforts of good people who bring in good medications to treat High blood pressure, Diabetes, constipation and vitamins deficiencies on humanitarian grounds are frustrated with corrupt administrative red tapes and bureaucracies that promote touting and extortion?

The Nigerian civil service just like every other sector in Nigeria needs a total overhauling for efficiency, and this can only be done by progressive minds with abilities, courage and exceptional contents of character driven by the quest for excellence on the saddle as elected and appointed leadership.

What’s so difficult for Nigerians to elect good people with knowledge, passion, compassion and exceptional patriotic zeal to run Nigeria selflessly for the good of the country and her future?

We can reform Nigeria by making some conscious and smart leadership choices starting on February 16, 2019 when we will be faced with choosing the right set of digital Senators with the guts and progressive mindsets to make 21st century laws that conform with international standards for Nigeria and Nigerian.
“I am available to play a big role for a better Nigeria, he said”.

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