Buhari Will Not Win The 2019 Elections As President—Charles Novia.

2019 general election, many prophecies and predictions have been coming from every corner of Nigeria, both from Clergy men and ordinary Nigerians. Below is from Charles Novia, who strongly believes Buhari will be defeated in the presidential election scheduled to hold February 16th, 2019.

I bring you good tidings.

President Buhari will not win the 2019 elections.

Go and vote on February 16th. Do not be discouraged about perceptions of rigging.

It’s a ploy to discourage those who want to vote him out. Go and vote. I repeat, go and vote.

He will not win.

Everything on paper and on ground has told them that Buhari won’t win. They are worried.

To those who want to vote Atiku who are a bit worried that there has been no intensive media campaigns so far, do not fret. I can tell you that the Atiku and PDP campaign are carrying out a comprehensive strategy. It’s part of the plan.

The voting is done by 70% of the grassroots across Nigeria. That’s where the campaigns by the PDP are being done and they are doing it quietly and efficiently.

Do not worry about media campaigns as such. Those who will vote for Atiku are already assured and won’t budge. It’s not media campaigns which will sway them off the candidate.

The undecided voters are just about 10% in the calculations. Those people will never vote for Buhari for a second term. Those voters are just undecided and will make up their minds at the last minute on which of the opposition candidates they would vote for.

Before February 16th, 5% of those undecided voters will go for Atiku as the campaigns get closer.

Let me share some statistics with you and these are true and irrefutable.

Buhari cannot get 100% votes of those who voted him in 2015. Data has already proved this and they know it.

More than 65% of those who voted for Buhari in 2015 will not vote for him again in 2019. This is a fact. Then the remaining 35% from his 2015 voters may not be enthusiastic in even going to the polls that day to vote for him.

What this data means is that Buhari has not added new supporters since he became President. You hardly see or hear anyone saying ‘I didn’t vote for him in 2015 but I will vote for him in 2019’. The probability is very LOW.

Forget about rented crowds and stage managed rallies. Those will not decide the votes for Buhari.

I keep writing that Buhari won’t know what will hit him at the polls until it is too late. The people whom he believes will vote him are playing to the gallery. They are putting up a front.

On election day, their thumbs will declare something else in large numbers enough to cause an upset.

Hunger across the land is general. People will decide if the sufferings can be borne for another four years at the last minute.

Everyone is playing a waiting game. Even people in Buhari’s camp are disillusioned. The recent audio recordings of Rotimi Amaechi expressing despair over the state of things is a pointer to the realities on ground in his camp.

President Buhari will not win re-election.

It’s just 40 Days to go

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