Rwandan government bans skin lightening products

In a move to reduce the risk of skin cancer, Rwandan government has announced ban on skin lightening products. This was made known to the public by Mr. Francois Uwinkindi of ministry of Health and cancer control unit.

“We are putting more efforts on educating people the risk of using bleaching and lightening skin products, maintain the skin you are born with and keep off from any skin lightening products that could endanger your health”. Said Francois.

However, Rwandan government has advised the general public to report the case of any person found purchasing or selling skin lightening products to relevant agencies for arrest as the product has been declared illegal in the country.

Africa continent has been rated as the most abusers of skin lightening products with Togo, Nigeria, Ghana, Benin Republic, Rwanda, Burkina Faso, South Africa, as the highest of abusers.

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