By Sir Gabriel Otioma

Recent times, most beautiful young ladies have become too lazy to work, believing that their beauty will fetch them money or bring men who will constantly and tirelessly spoil them with money, but the end always leave them with heartbreak, hopelessness and emptiness.

Looking beautiful is a good thing, but it’s not a call for laziness and idleness. Beauty should not be seen as an avenue to generates money into ones bank account. Appreciate your beautiful, but don’t see it as self employed by going here and there looking for who to dubiously collects money from as a gold digger.

You can be a beautiful lady and at the same time have your own personal business, you can be a beautiful lady and as well good manager, motivational speaker, teacher and industrious person. Beauty itself is not well defined base on perception, it is your ability and capability that makes you extremely beautiful, not actually your pretty face and body shape.

The most beautiful girl is not the one with most pretty face, tall, intimidating body, nice boobs, curve and blue eyes, but the one with most beautiful brain, carriage, upbringing, intelligent, educating and motivating attitudes.

Don’t let your beauty control your life, control your beauty and leave a good legacy on earth. Don’t die a gold digger or self employed without a job. Beauty does not equate self employment, it’s not a call for gold digger and a life of affluence without a job.

You are looking so beautiful, appreciate your Maker and put your brain to work, not your body. Physical beauty is periodic and ephemeral, but inner beauty is bond to sustain you longer with pride, honour and dignity.

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