Dear Nasir El-Rufai,

I have followed you, like most Nigerians, on social media, since the time of President Goodluck Jonathan, and I recall you were invited by the State Security Service one time. If I am not mistaken you didn’t even have the nerve to go there on your own but was accompanied by some politicians. I remember you were invited because of hate speeches and lies you spewed on social media against the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration and the Goodluck Jonathan as a person. You did whatever you could to make Northern Nigeria Muslims and Buhari supporters hate Goodluck Jonathan. In fact you even accused the previous administration of the bomb blasts then. In one of your popular post, you accused Goodluck Jonathan, on one of his trips to Chad, of going there to plan more bombing of Nigeria. Mr. Nasir El-Rufai, people like you are some of the most dangerous people in Nigeria, people who sow discord when it favours them, appeal to religions and tribal sentiment to get what they want. You are a cheap blackmailer. I said it.

Today, now in power, your arrogance has no boundary. You don’t want anyone to criticize you or your government. You hide under hate speech to clamp on your critics, yet you forget that you were the champion of hate speeches on the internet.

You are talking about taking Pastor Eneche of Dunamis to court for hate speech. Mr. Governor of Kaduna State, I wish you good luck, because you would need it. Any reasonable court would throw out the case if they go through your own write ups on social media. Mr. El-Rufai, Pastor Enenche is not Segun Onibiyo, John Danfulani, Audu Maikori of Chocolate City, and the others guys you threaten. Your garagara shouldn’t even get there.

I also remember how you ran away into exile when Umar Musa Yar’adua was elected President. Now you are the lion arresting young people and threatening everyone just because you are governor. I just want to tell you that what comes around goes around. One day you will not be governor, be careful, some of the guys you are harassing today may be the president, and in your old age they would investigate you, prosecute you and throw you in jail. Just be careful, one comes around goes around.

By George Onmonya Daniel

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