KARIFEST CEO CONGRATULATES Obi Hillary Ibegbuelem, The Pride Of Delta As He Celebrates A New Milestone.


Always Smiling.
Always Solving…
Always Conquering.
My dear brother, my friendly friend Hilary Obi Ibegbulem, it is another 365 days of TRIUMPH OVER illness, over enemies, over disappointment, over wicked people, over losses, over pains, over tears, over death and over any sort of evil against you and your family because today you are celebrating another year in your life!

My brother, it is a joyous thing to see others celebrate you as they do because you are one person I know that is worthy of such celebration as over time you have remained consistent and proved to be a loyal friend to those you call your friends.

To different people you may be a different thing, but to me I know you are a kind hearted, free minded and lovely person who is always willing to care for the less privileged people and fight for the down trodden in Delta State. Yes instances abound of experiences recounted by those you have touched their lives positively.

Your humility baffles me sometimes. You remember the day at the stadium in Asaba recently during the Senior African Athletes Championship Competition when I bumped into you and after exchanging greetings I told you to drop your phones on the ground so we can take pictures pointing at each other? You did just so without complaining and in the presence of all present!
To me that day it was just a simple request which you obliged without blinking but as I write this piece it flashed on my mind to write about it because I want all to see that part of you.
I’m aware some people may never have seen you in that light before now but I’m putting it here so they see how free, humble and nice you can be despite your role in the workings of Delta State and as the executive Secretary to the governor of Delta State. We also know what weight you weigh across boards but inspite of all you have remained playful and your usual self that I have known for over 12 years!
You have not changed in your personality, still the warm and friendly person I have known you to be all these years. It gets better with age, right?
Smiles. You have always been exceptional in everything you do. Like one of your teachers during your university days that I met this year talked so passionately about you as one of the best students in his class as a student. Like many, that day, I was not amazed because it reflects in your actions and deeds.
Do I mention those I meet regularly who sing your praise for paying their school fees and seeing them through school at different institutions!

Your good attributes has endeared many to you and you to them. You are Anioma’s pride for all you do for our people without mentioning it yourself.

Always beaming with smiles whenever I see you and calling me sister, I cherish every moment we have to smile and talk and you are never tired of greeting with smiles. Those are remarkable qualities in you that makes you unique. And like the heart of a lion, you have taken so much pain and risks for our dear state Delta to move forward and today I say it loud and clear again that our governor His Excellency Senator Dr Arthur Ifeanyi OKOWA is extremely lucky to have you as his own because like you know if it is good they call you and when it is bad they also call you. Yet you do all with joy that comes from the heart. I know these things my brother.

And as you celebrate your birthday today, may joy, peace that comes from God, love with greater understanding and everything beautiful be yours today and always!

Many Congratulations my brother, my friend, our hero, Anioma son of repute and Delta State Warrior.

Like you know bro, I write from my heart and experiences. Today it’s your birthday and it has given me that opportunity to tell the world how I feel about you and what I know about you my brother HHilary Obioma Ibegbulem




Friends please join me to celebrate this wonderful man and blessing to Delta State.

Keep Soaring Nwenem Oma.




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