Hon. Ossai N. Ossai Visits KARIFEST FOUNDATION Office Agbor, ASSISTS MOTHER OF 5…


It was indeed a beautiful Sunday for Mrs Victoria Nuonum who got an unsolicited surprise visit from one of Nigeria’s best legislators Hon. Ossai Nicholas Ossai who visited the KARIFEST FOUNDATION OFFICE AGBOR, today Sunday.

Earlier, precisely on Friday, he had told me he would be preaching in Agbor and would be visiting afterwards to say hello but I felt he might be too busy to make it since it was a Sunday but alas, his call came through this afternoon to tell me he was heading to our family house in Agbor.

To cut the long story short, I was surprised to see his convoy pull over with his team, most of whom are known to me.

After exchanging pleasantries and as we made our way into the compound, I said to him: AUTHORITY, please come, there’s someone I need you to meet and hear her story out.
Without hesitating, he followed me and that was how Hon. Ossai connected with the mother of a Nigerian graduate Mr Psalm Onyero Nuonum who got missing on transit on his way to Europe 12 years ago and since have not been found.

It was such a great relief for the woman when she heard the legislator request for her file for a follow up when he returns to Abuja. “KARIFEST please send me her file, I will go to the embassy and help her” were his words.
I was so happy!
I mean who wouldn’t?
Imagine such an unplanned project accepted just like that by him, what more is accountable if not that Hon. Ossai has a passion for healing and caring for the broken hearted!

According to Mrs Victoria Nuonum, her son was last heard from when he got to Libya 12 years ago and was about to cross the Mediterranean Sea. She cried out to Hon. Ossai Nicholas Ossai who felt so much sympathy for her and promised to follow the matter up.

As Hon. Ossai Ossai paid rapt attention to Mrs Nuonum recount her ordeal of praying and hoping to find her missing son return to her one day over the years, I felt so broken and in awe of what I saw. Today, I saw the CONCERN on his face yet his smiles was SOOTHING to her.
Today I saw the man I call AUTHORITY almost giving way to tears! I had no idea the woman’s story could touch his heart so much!
He showed so much empathy. As the conversation continued, this mother who has not lost hope of seeing her son return someday appealed to Hon. Ossai to do all he can to find her missing son.

While promising to help her find her missing son, Hon. Ossai reassured her of his committement towards assisting mothers like her in times of need like this whatever ways he could.

He took a step further to assist Mrs Victoria Nuonum with a cash gift and offered prayers to the family whose bread winner suffered a stroke recently.

The mother of 5 children was so happy as she danced and thanked God and Hon. Ossai whom she said was sent by God.

Hon. Ossai Nicholas Ossai is the Member Representing Kwale/Ndokwa Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives Abuja and currently the Chairman, Ethics and Privileges Committee, National Assembly, Abuja.

The Publisher KARIFEST INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE and CEO KARIFEST GROUP, KARIFEST DUCHESS ONYEKAAH was there to receive Hon. Ossai and his convoy and as we said our goodbyes, he smiled at the woman and I, his smiles was reassuring, and as they departed, I felt so thankful to God. To me, today was the beginning of a new journey, that of hope and support for Mrs Victoria Nuonum who has 2 of her children and 3 of her grandchildren living abroad and her 2 children had traveled using same route.


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