Are you surprised to hear this?
Why should you be?
If fake leaders have goldmines all around them, WHY CAN’T A GOOD LEADER LIKE OKOWA HAVE EVEN MORE TO HIS CREDIT?

His Excellency Senator (Dr) Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa has always been a trailblazer from the start and has continued to set the pace in all he does, no wonder, today, he is a governor with a difference in the midst of his contemporaries.
Today, as I write this piece of what I know and think about my governor His Excellency Senator (Dr) Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa, I have no doubts that he is the best for Delta State come 2019.

As a media entrepreneur and all round media practitioner, (Electronic and Print), I have watched Dr Okowa and followed his activities over the years and I have not met a man in politics so humble, loyal, dedicated, committed, determined and with listening ears like His Excellency Senator (Dr) Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa. He stands out in all he does.

Now hear me out.
It was like a joke when it was announced that he was going to build the Asaba Stadium, but it happened within a few months.
It was also like play when he announced that the stadium will be named after our late Champion and sports legend Stephen Keshi but it happened.
It became like a dream when he announced that Asaba will host the whole of Africa at the Confederation Of African Athletics(CAA) 21st African Senior Athletics Championship – Asaba 2018 and it happened live.
During this historic event which is ongoing, trade has improved in Delta State, Hotels have sold out like they never have since they were set up, shops have experienced patronage and shop owners are singing OKOWA everywhere, there is love and joy in the air, we have recorded progress in all sectors across Delta as our visitors are also touring places,our sports men and women who haven’t visited home before did so for the first time, our name in the international community has been cleared by many now too numerous to count, and our public image has received a facelift because people are now experiencing first hand that Nigerians are very hospitable people unlike what they used to know about us. Or how do you think I felt when the President of Athletics, South Africa told me: “Duchess, coming to Asaba has opened my eyes to a lot of things, now I know that Nigerians are very hospital people, that the environment is very warm and that the Nigerians I see here are very different from those we have in our country, and now I know that the good Nigerians are in this country while the few bad ones are the ones out there in our country”. He said more beautiful things about us.
So the goals His Excellency Senator (Dr) Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa scored by making this game happen is for us all Nigerians and not just Deltans.
For me the name OKOWA can never be forgotten even in generations to come.

These are just a few of all that His Excellency Senator (Dr) Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa has achieved in the last 3 years of his administration as the Executive governor of our state, Delta State and for a man who has succeeded in bringing pride and joy to Delta State within such a short period of time, what do you think he will accomplish if given another opportunity come 2019? SO MUCH!

Okowa has now succeeded in putting Delta State in the global Map of Civilization through this Championship in Asaba and by so doing, as Deltans, he has made us proud and we can only show that we appreciate all he has done by ensuring that we bring him back come 2019 because he cares for us and no propaganda whatsoever by the opposition can marr the good name of OKOWA for all he is doing for Deltans.
Now for a certainty, OKOWA is a blessing to Deltans.

Now do you know and can you see what this goldmine is? GOODWILL from Deltans and not just goodwill, but now more persons are clamouring to support him for his come back in 2019 because they have seen that DELTA IS WORKING UNDER OKOWA.
YES I am very confident that OKOWA will keep his goldmine growing and glowing, even as he explores it, we are here to ensure that his goldmine is safe and protected, secured and kept away from detractors and exploiters. That is why his enemies are bound to FAIL starting from now!
Still wondering why so?

I Am Iyanga Anioma And These Are My Words.

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