We Have A Lot Of Meritorious Imo Citizens, If There Is Need For Statues… Imos in The Diaspora Wail For Lack Of Devt. In Imo State!


If you like call them the wailers but they are nothing close to that as they are very sad about the state of development in Imo state their country home, Nigeria, even as they reside in the Diaspora. These are people from Imo state living in the US.

Meet Anthonia Uwazie .Iwueze (Mrs).

The Campaigner Online: It’s nice meeting you Ma

Anthonia Uwazie .I. Thank you

The Campaigner Online: You a Diaspora with a positive spirit of advocacy for change. Tell us about this.

Anthonia Uwazie .I. It is my desire and wish to see a positive change, beginning from my kins men, my community, my state, my country Nigeria, Africa as a whole and United States of America where I reside. I’m an advocate for global positive change.

The Campaigner Online: How long have been living in Diaspora and where specifically

Anthonia Uwazie .I. I have been in the United State of America for 15years now, in Miami (South Florida).
The Campaigner Online: Where are you from, can you tell us about life in Diaspora

Anthonia Uwazie .I. I am from Umuaro/Umunumo in Ehime Mbano LGA, Imo State, Nigeria, married in Umuezeala/Owerre in Ehime Mbano LGA. Actually my life in the Diaspora is not a bed of roses as people believe. It takes one to be here, to know the reality of life in the USA. In this direction, one has to have up to two or three jobs so as to put food on his/her table, pay his/her bills and remember people at home. In a nut shell, life here is really stressful.

The Campaigner Online: We seem to be hearing a lot about your Governor (His Excellency Rochas Okorocha) what is your assessment of him and his administration

Anthonia Uwazie .I. Anyway, I have been following the media; Imolites are crying and complaining about the hardship the citizens are facing because of the current governance in Imo State. Imo citizens are not participating in the government which they voted for. Imolites say that the campaign promises has been denied, job! Job! Job!… industry! Industry! industry! To no avail. My advice to the Imo State Government is that they should go back to the modulus operandi of a Democratic government. They should call town hall meeting through the State House of Assembly Members representing each LGA. Allowing the Citizens to air their views and the governance in return should respond to this town hall meeting with open Budget system, thereby making it a participatory government both the electorates and the elected. Therefore there should be freedom of speech.

The Campaigner Online: What is your take on the statues molding

Anthonia Uwazie .I. I believe that we have a lot of meritorious Imo citizens, if there is need for statues. However, I don’t see any need for that at the moment. Civil servants are crying, pensioners are lamenting no salary; no good health facility, no employment, a lot of abandoned projects, in health sector, education sector, infrastructure, road etc are the characteristics of the current Imo state governance. It is good to NOTE that, outside Dede Sam Mbakwe no governor has been like him. Which means what he was able to do within his short term, the governors that have been ruling since 1999 till date are yet to measure up with his legacy.

The Campaigner Online: Do you think the people of Imo State deserves better than H.E Okorocha

Anthonia Uwazie .I. Eeh! I’m not the right person to answer this question, rather the opinion poll.

The Campaigner Online: And your advocacy for positive change over these past years, any real positive impact or milestones achieved thus far.

Anthonia Uwazie .I. As the initiator and co-founder of Umunumo Platform, we have been sensitizing the Imo citizens especially in Umunumo, on good governance, accountability and transparency. Also with our medical out-reach to the citizens. To expand my advocacy on good governance and to render help to the less privilege, I founded another organization called Vitonia Lead International Foundation (VITONIA FUND), which aims at restoring human dignity through measurable, objective and accountable plans.

The Campaigner Online: Your future generation, how are you working to protect them against bad leadership in Nigeria

Anthonia Uwazie .I. I am doing this through my sensitization on good governance with school to school seminar program to enhance their knowledge and equip them to know the advantages of good governance and acquire skill acquisition programs that gears toward self employment. Enlighten the youths on the need to be educated as well as become responsible citizens in future. VITONIA FUND will be providing breakfast, lunch, to the elementary and secondary school kids. Also the organization will be providing stationery, uniforms etc to the less privilege because we want to catch them young.

The Campaigner Online: Talking about future generation, how do we begin to get it right from now on

Anthonia Uwazie .I. That’s why I said we want to catch them young. With our focus on the elementary and high school kids, we will achieve this aim of getting it right. Also there is need for boarding houses, especially for the secondary school kids.
The Campaigner Online: Do you think there should be mechanisms put in place to check all of this misfortunes plaguing Nigeria currently.

Anthonia Uwazie .I. I think there is already a Mechanism on ground, the main thing is to get them back to the drawing board. Let them focus on the goal and objectives of their policy. Not only that, they should be called to order, if possible let them receive another or extra training on their specific jobs. Let’s take for instance the issue of EFCC leaving their work and interfering in a misunderstanding between a company and their customer. Why I said this is because it has became a national issue (that is the misunderstanding between GT Bank and Innoson Motors).

The Campaigner Online: How has the bad leadership affected Nigerians in the Diaspora and does it get better in Buhari’s administration

Anthonia Uwazie .I. I think it has affected us as I said earlier that life here in the USA is stressful. Nigerians in the Diaspora have to work tirelessly to make ends meet. If there is good governance in Nigeria, there will be no mass exodus, and people will not be in slavery in Lybia and others dying in the desert.

The Campaigner Online: What is the big difference between how politics is played in Nigeria and in USA where you reside currently

Anthonia Uwazie .I. Politic is the same everywhere, but the big difference as you asked is that USA is civilized and Nigeria is not civilized.

The Campaigner Online: In reality can Diasporas really help in making the much needed change or are they making the change work

Anthonia Uwazie .I. I think they are eager to help to bring the change, if they are allowed to air their views and bring in good innovative methods that the Western world is making use of. As a group they can bring change because Igbos use to say “Igwebuike”.

The Campaigner Online: What should we be expecting from you in this New Year

Anthonia Uwazie .I. Actually we are supposed to have plan for the year. VITONIA FUND has a plan for this New Year, but the beneficiaries are the elementary and high school kids.

The Campaigner Online: Thank you
Anthonia Uwazie .I. You’re welcome.


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